Atlanta Exterior and Interior Door and Window Installation: When To Make These Changes In Your Home

exterior_window_changeIt is always a good idea to check your home exterior and interior doors and determine whether it is time for an update or change to new doors. This goes for old wood windows as well.

You may see damaged or rotten wood behind the window or door. Making sure the damaged wood is repaired properly can save you money on energy cost and the  life of the new window or door being installed.

Hiring a state licensed contractor to provide this type of service should be the first decision you make. Don’t just hire someone that says they know how to install windows and doors. Make sure they are licensed and qualified to do the job.

Most home contractors doing this type of work are not  state licensed contractors. They also do not know the specific codes in place when replacing windows and doors.

Working with these unlicensed contractors, you may not find out until they either go out of business or change company names to avoid warranties.

The state of Georgia has created a licensing board for specifically for contractors to help regulate home contractors from changing company names and opening under new name to avoid customer warranties. So when its time to change or update those windows and doors, look for a state licensed contractor to provide good quality service.

If you are looking for an experienced state licensed contractor to assist you with installing new windows and doors in your home, contact Fleming & Associates at 770-456-1250

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