Atlanta Home Roofing: How To Know If Your Roofing Contractor Is Registered With The State of Georgia

Many home owners may not know that there home roofer is not required to be state licensed. However they are required to be registered with the  Georgia Secretary Of State in order to do business in the state of Georgia. So it may be a good idea if your hiring a home roofing contractor to see if he is registered to do business in Georgia before you sign a contract or even give his company funds prior to starting your home roofing job.

Some roofing contractors may not be able to legally do business in our state. Checking your home contractors credentials maybe the best decision you will make before you have that new roof installed or that construction project done. Georgia Secretary of State has made checking your contractors license status very easy (‎).  Taking only a few minutes to check the status of your home contractor can save you thousands in potential headaches.

Home contractors that take the time to become licensed in Georgia are held to a higher standard. Customers can feel at ease knowing that if a licensed contractor doesn’t get the job done correctly they can always make a complaint to the Georgia Secretary Of State where that contractor would have to answer to a review board of his peers.  Contractors that have a state license always keep insurance policies and bonds to keep the public safe. Contractors that are licensed are expected to perform to level and expectation of the state and local codes that are put in place to protect the general public. So make sure to hire a State Licensed Roofing Contractor to complete your next roofing project.

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