Atlanta Home Siding And Exterior Painting: When Is The Best Time To Paint Your Exterior Home Siding

The best time to paint your home siding exterior is when your home faded and dull  looking. Then  it maybe time to paint. Most new home builders don’t spend money on quality paint . So you want to protect your investment and  get an estimate from a Licensed Contractor that knows exterior painting.

Most people think paint is paint. With that being said you may need to know there are several grades of paint. If the proper prep work is not done before applying the paint your paint job may not last very long. With quality material comes longevity of your paint job.

Instead of lasting 2-5yrs with low quality paint materials, using good or high quality paint can make your homes exterior paint job last 10-20yrs depending on the amount of exposure to sunlight and weather. Saving you the home owner thousands in repainting your home.

If you choose not to repaint your home a more cost effective solution could be to pressure wash, clean , and touch -up where it is needed.


Painting Prep     Paint Prep

Painting Prep     Quality Paint Applied

Exterior Paint Job     Mirror Lake Subdivision

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