Atlanta Replacement Siding: Know When To Replace Your Home LP Siding Or Hardie Plank Siding

Atlanta Hardie Plank Siding ReplacementReplacing your decayed siding and rotten wood on your home. Most homes built before 1990’s that have Lap Siding may have LP siding .

If not taken care of and painted every few years it may decay and become brittle , chipping , even rotten completely.

Most homes did not get felt or house wrap installed which helps prevent moisture from entering, decaying or even rotting the OSB or Ply wood.

When installing new siding this is now code to install a house wrap.

Atlanta LP Home Siding Replacement


With new products on the market like Hardie and certain teed siding both manufactures make composite trim materials.  All new homes and repairs should be done with materials that will last for many years. These products still need to be painted and should be primed to give a protective coating that will last for years to come.


Felt installed Painting with inferior  products may shorten the life expectancy of a paint job. Choosing to paint with a cheaper painting material can cost more when it comes time to repaint your homes siding .

Starting with quality materials can and will save home owners in the long term. Choosing and the right contractor to install the proper home siding products will also save you money on a home project done correctly. Atlanta GA Pacific Siding Replacement





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