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Fleming & Associates, Inc New Wellborn Cabinet Distributor

Fleming and Associates, Inc. is now a distributor for Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Looking to remodel your bathroom or kitchen? Looking to update your bathroom or kitchen cabinets? Fleming and Associates is a State Licensed General Contractor that can take care of your remodeling and updating needs. Call Fleming and Associates today at 404-490-0455 to get your Wellborn […]

Window Replacement, Energy Efficient Windows, Window Remodel

Have rotten windows? Looking to replace or update your windows? Replacing, or updating, the windows in your home with energy efficient windows can save you money on your heating and air bills. Fleming and Associates, Inc., is a state licensed general contractor that can replace your windows with energy efficient windows. Contact Fleming and Associates, Inc., […]

New Home Construction ,New Home Builder, Custom Home Builder,

Looking for a New Home Builder that provides quality service on the west side of Atlanta, Ga? Fleming & Associates Inc., has been building Custom Homes on the west side of Atlanta since 1998 . With the many decisions to be made when building a new home working  with a contractor that listens to you and helps make the decisions that […]

Knowing Your Contractor by Fleming & Associates Inc.

The time to check out your contractor is before you start your project, because as many know, checking after can be a costly mistake. That’s why taking time to make sure your contractor is a reputable contractor can save you and your family thousands. Take time to search public records in local  counties to see how […]

State Licensed Contractors , How To Check Your Contractors Licenses Status

State Residential or General  Contractors License  Certain contractors  who perform remodeling or new home construction, basically anything to do with  the building structure should usually be presumed to be required to have a state  license. They have a “pocket card” they can show you. You can look up their state license information on websites for the State of Georgia.  Contractors who have […]

Custom Home Builder Georgia, New Home Construction Georgia

When its time to build your new custom home, choosing the right contractor can make the stressful decisions seem simple and creating that one of a kind home an easy process. Fleming & Associates, Inc., is a state licensed general contractor and has been in business since 1998 building custom homes. Contact Fleming & Associates, Inc., […]

Fire Damage, Fire Loss, House Fire, Fire Restoration Residential

There can be, and usually is, a lot more damage to a house that has had a fire claim than just the fire. There is also smoke and water damage to underlying areas from the fire and from the water used to put out the fire. Using a State Licensed General Contractor to handle your fire insurance claim can catch […]

Storm Damage to Home, Insurance Claim, Wind Damage, Hail Damage

Do you have storm damage to your home? Storm damage is usually covered by your insurance company for wind and hail damage. Having a state license contractor  determine where or not the insurance company will pay for damages  , can save you the hassle of filing a claim that maybe denied. Also a State Licensed General Contractor can work […]