A Contractor Not Permitting Your Job, Who Really Saves?

Who really saves when you hire a contractor that is not willing, or does not want, to permit your job? Not permitting your job may save you some money in the beginning but in the end, you, the homeowner or business owner, may pay the price. Having a project permitted is relatively inexpensive compared to what it may cost you later. When you get ready to sell your home, or insure it, proper documentation may be needed to show that the project was completed by a licensed contractor and was completed to code in order to have a loss covered by the insurance company or to complete the sale of your home. Hiring Fleming and Associates, Inc., we will ensure that your project is properly permitted as required by the county and that it is properly completed. Contact us today at 404-490-0455 or at flemingconst.com.

Top Things Your Home Inspectors Should Note

When you have found the house of your dreams and your agent refers a home inspector, you may need to ask questions to protect you and your family from making a disappointing mistake. Finding out your home has an addition that has been added by the past home owner, that was not permitted, could cost you thousands of dollars later.  If proper permitting was not done for the added space, you could loose the space altogether, county officials could require the space to be removed. Most home inspectors do not take the time to insure whether or not a basement finish or a complete addition was properly permitted, possibly leaving a potential home buyer in a tragic mistake of buying a home with additions or basements that were completed with incompetent contractors. Checking whether or not the construction project was done by local codes and inspected by proper officials can save your family the grief of buying a home that has major defects that a home inspector or agent will over look.

The First Step Into Planning Your Atlanta Home Basement Remodeling And Finishing Project

Basement-fireplaceIf you are planning on starting a basement remodeling or finishing project, you may want to think about a few things.

Finishing your basement and not having it permitted could lead to not getting the job done right. If the square footage is not consistent with what is on your tax records it could cost you thousands in potential profit when it is time to sell your home.

If your finished basement does not meet county codes when it is time for inspection can lead to a legal issue for you or a potential lawsuit.  This is especially s if your contractor does not meet codes that at are required by state and local building codes.



You maybe taking a great risk by not knowing if your contractor knows the building codes or is taking risks by using short cuts to finish your basement project.

Why take chances? Find out if the contractor you want to hire is state licensed before beginning any work.  That maybe be one of the best reasons to hire a state licensed contractor to complete all your construction projects. Make sure the job is done right and by all county and state codes.   You can go to the State of Georgia License Board at   www.s.o.s ga.gov to verify their license.

If you need an experienced home contractor that is licensed and reputable to handle your basement remodeling and finishing project, you can contact Fleming And Associates at 770-456-1250.