Top Things Your Home Inspectors Should Note

When you have found the house of your dreams and your agent refers a home inspector, you may need to ask questions to protect you and your family from making a disappointing mistake. Finding out your home has an addition that has been added by the past home owner, that was not permitted, could cost you thousands of dollars later.  If proper permitting was not done for the added space, you could loose the space altogether, county officials could require the space to be removed. Most home inspectors do not take the time to insure whether or not a basement finish or a complete addition was properly permitted, possibly leaving a potential home buyer in a tragic mistake of buying a home with additions or basements that were completed with incompetent contractors. Checking whether or not the construction project was done by local codes and inspected by proper officials can save your family the grief of buying a home that has major defects that a home inspector or agent will over look.