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There can be, and usually is, a lot more damage to a house that has had a fire claim than just the fire. There is also smoke and water damage to underlying areas from the fire and from the water used to put out the fire. Using a State Licensed General Contractor to handle your fire insurance claim can catch these things that may of occured that are not visible. Some times the house may require a structural engineer to determine if the house needs to be completely torn down or if it is structural enough to use the exisisting structure to be rebuilt from, Fleming & Associates, Inc., can help you with this.  Fleming & Associates, Inc., has been repairing and building back homes from fire damage since 1998, they can handle anywhere from a small fire in the kitchen to a total demolish and rebuild back from the ground up. Contact Fleming & Associates, Inc., today for your fire loss repair 404-490-0455 or visit them at