Fleming & Associates, Inc New Wellborn Cabinet Distributor

Fleming and Associates, Inc. is now a distributor for Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Looking to remodel your bathroom or kitchen? Looking to update your bathroom or kitchen cabinets? Fleming and Associates is a State Licensed General Contractor that can take care of your remodeling and updating needs. Call Fleming and Associates today at 404-490-0455 to get your Wellborn Cabinets.

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Window Replacement, Energy Efficient Windows, Window Remodel

Have rotten windows? Looking to replace or update your windows? Replacing, or updating, the windows in your home with energy efficient windows can save you money on your heating and air bills. Fleming and Associates, Inc., is a state licensed general contractor that can replace your windows with energy efficient windows. Contact Fleming and Associates, Inc., today at 404-490-0455 for a quote.

Should My Contractor Permit My Deck , Permitting Home Improvements

Deck Screen Porch / DeckDeck  with Stairs  Contractors are required by law and codes to permit new and replacement decks . So if your contractor says that he does not have to permit your deck . He may not no local codes and laws , and your deck my not meet local codes when its been rebuilt. This can lead to future problems when you either renew your insurance or possible try to sell your home. Having the proper documentation when it comes time to do these type things can save you as a home owner a lot of headaches. Hiring a state licensed contractor that can permit your deck , or home project  will save you  time and money  . When it comes to dealing with local county inspectors , your contractor should be willing to let them inspect the work that he is doing for you. And be grateful that there are codes and laws that protect you as a home owner. From Contractor performing work that is unsatisfactory and will not pass an inspection.  Hire Local Pros Fleming & Associates Inc.   at 770-456-1250 or visit our web site www.flemingconst.com

Remodel Your Atlanta Home Kitchen and Baths Before the Holiday Season


Are you thinking of updating or remodeling your kitchen and/or  bath before the holidays? The time to plan is now!  If you plan on going through with the kitchen or bath remodel, you want to insure your project will be completed before the holiday season gets close.

When you updated your kitchen and/or bath you and value to your home. It also will give you enjoyment and that feeling your home is truly your biggest investment.

Keeping your home looking up to date can bring rewards to you in many ways when it is time to sell.

Speak with state licensed contractor Keith Fleming about your next kitchen and/or bath home remodel update before the holiday season begins .








The First Step Into Planning Your Atlanta Home Basement Remodeling And Finishing Project

Basement-fireplaceIf you are planning on starting a basement remodeling or finishing project, you may want to think about a few things.

Finishing your basement and not having it permitted could lead to not getting the job done right. If the square footage is not consistent with what is on your tax records it could cost you thousands in potential profit when it is time to sell your home.

If your finished basement does not meet county codes when it is time for inspection can lead to a legal issue for you or a potential lawsuit.  This is especially s if your contractor does not meet codes that at are required by state and local building codes.



You maybe taking a great risk by not knowing if your contractor knows the building codes or is taking risks by using short cuts to finish your basement project.

Why take chances? Find out if the contractor you want to hire is state licensed before beginning any work.  That maybe be one of the best reasons to hire a state licensed contractor to complete all your construction projects. Make sure the job is done right and by all county and state codes.   You can go to the State of Georgia License Board at   www.s.o.s ga.gov to verify their license.

If you need an experienced home contractor that is licensed and reputable to handle your basement remodeling and finishing project, you can contact Fleming And Associates at 770-456-1250.

Get A Man Cave For Football Season: Remodel Your Atlanta Home Basement For The Football Season

mancavesFootball season is here and its time to make room for the big flat screen television. It is the time of year to have friends and family over your home to watch major sports games on television. Finishing that basement project that is probably unfinished can be the best thing you could ever do to bring everyone together to watch their favorite teams. The best way to start the transformation of remodeling your unfinished basement into a man-caveman cave is to have a state licensed contractor do the job. This is a very important step and one you should carefully think about before investing thousands into building out your basement.

With building codes changing and unlicensed contractors not knowing which codes should have your basement pass inspection, you could be potentially be throwing money away. Don’t let an unlicensed contractor that does not have a clear understanding of building codes finish your basement. If codes are not met and the job is not inspected the work completed could cause major problems with your electrical, plumbing or even heating and air .

Not to mention the liability that you may add to your insurance by having an unlicensed contractor work on your home.  Hiring a state licensed contractor should be  the most important part of any construction project . The proper permitting and inspections, documentation is necessary when it comes time to insure that you can sell your home. Knowing you did it the right way can provide a great piece of mind for you and  family.

Want to know how much it will cost to get a man cave in your basement? Give us a call at 770-456-1250 so we can schedule a time to visit your home.

Atlanta Home Contractor: Knowing When to Move Interior And Structural Walls In Your Home

Moving interior walls in you home can be done with the right planning. Hiring a licensed contractor that has performed this type of work should be the first thing in mind before starting.

A contractor may have insight on whether or not a structural engineer should provide a design on the loads to be carried by a beam in order to support a second floor or a roof . The loads are important when determining to remove a wall.

Non load and load bearing walls are the walls that make up the support of a structure. When removing these walls some careful planning can save you thousand in future.

If you have a structural home project and would like to hire an expert to work with you, give us a call at (770) 456 – 1250



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