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Have rotten windows? Looking to replace or update your windows? Replacing, or updating, the windows in your home with energy efficient windows can save you money on your heating and air bills. Fleming and Associates, Inc., is a state licensed general contractor that can replace your windows with energy efficient windows. Contact Fleming and Associates, Inc., today at 404-490-0455 for a quote.

Knowing Your Contractor by Fleming & Associates Inc.

The time to check out your contractor is before you start your project, because as many know, checking after can be a costly mistake. That’s why taking time to make sure your contractor is a reputable contractor can save you and your family thousands. Take time to search public records in local  counties to see how many liens/lawsuits/complaints your contractor may have filed against them. While some liens and actions may be  expected, a great deal of liens or actions may clearly signal issues (red  flags), including a failure to pay subcontractors and suppliers. If a contractor  has been sued by a number of homeowners that may be a red flag. Legitimate  disputes may always arise for any business, but look into the information and ask  the contractor to explain. Another red flag may be a contractor who files a  number of criminal warrants against homeowners. This may indicate that the  contractor is abusing the criminal system to threaten consumers into paying for  projects that the consumer would otherwise dispute or when the job wasn’t done correctly and they refuse to pay because the job was not done correctly, or had issues with what had been done.

State Licensed Contractors , How To Check Your Contractors Licenses Status

State Residential or General  Contractors License 
Certain contractors  who perform remodeling or new home construction, basically anything to do with  the building structure should usually be presumed to be required to have a state  license. They have a “pocket card” they can show you. You can look up their state license information on websites for the State of Georgia.  Contractors who have a state license should be able to provide a license number that begins: RB  (for Residential Basic), RLC (for Residential Light Commercial) or GC (for General Contractor). Any of these state licensed contractors may perform  construction work on single family homes other than work which requires a license under Chapter 14 (explained below). Be sure to have the contractor specifiy in their contract with you that they are state licensed .