Get A Man Cave For Football Season: Remodel Your Atlanta Home Basement For The Football Season

mancavesFootball season is here and its time to make room for the big flat screen television. It is the time of year to have friends and family over your home to watch major sports games on television. Finishing that basement project that is probably unfinished can be the best thing you could ever do to bring everyone together to watch their favorite teams. The best way to start the transformation of remodeling your unfinished basement into a man-caveman cave is to have a state licensed contractor do the job. This is a very important step and one you should carefully think about before investing thousands into building out your basement.

With building codes changing and unlicensed contractors not knowing which codes should have your basement pass inspection, you could be potentially be throwing money away. Don’t let an unlicensed contractor that does not have a clear understanding of building codes finish your basement. If codes are not met and the job is not inspected the work completed could cause major problems with your electrical, plumbing or even heating and air .

Not to mention the liability that you may add to your insurance by having an unlicensed contractor work on your home.  Hiring a state licensed contractor should be  the most important part of any construction project . The proper permitting and inspections, documentation is necessary when it comes time to insure that you can sell your home. Knowing you did it the right way can provide a great piece of mind for you and  family.

Want to know how much it will cost to get a man cave in your basement? Give us a call at 770-456-1250 so we can schedule a time to visit your home.

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