How To Choose An Atlanta Home Roof Contractor For Your Home Roofing Job

Atlanta Home Roof Contractor A roofing project can either be fixing damage on the roof or simply renovating it. Any roofing project requires you to find a good roofing contractor which can help you get the job done right, on time and with budget. If you have any roofing projects and do not know how to find a good Atlanta home roofing contractor, here are some suggestions on how to choose a roofer for your roofing job.

Know the Company Profile

If you have a roofing estimator at your house you should be able to ask him about the company’s profile. You can also learn about it through the company’s website. You need to look for certain information such as how long they have been in the business and their contact information.

The company or contractor should have a physical address aside from their PO Box address. You must also check if there are any reports of complaints with the better business bureau their business and how well did they solve them.  You can also ask for previous roofing job references from the roofing contractor to see the quality of their work.


Your contractor or roofer should have comprehensive liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance to protect you in case there is an accident at your home while they are doing the roofing job. However, be aware that roofers that carry these types of insurances may have a higher rates compared to those that are uninsured.

There are also roofers that do not have any insurance. Here are some of the reasons why they may not carry liability insurance:

– The business is new

– Operates as self-employed without any employees

– Works as part-time contractor or in a partnership

– Cannot afford the insurance premiums

Having a licensed roofing contractor guarantees the safety and workmanship of your home roofing project.


Ask your roofer for any credentials or license for their business. Keep in mind that contractor license is required per state and that it is different from a business license. Credentials are usually awarded from product manufacturers that certify the contractor is trained on how to install and use their products.  

Workmanship Warranty

Most workmanship warranties are good for a year or more, but it does not necessarily mean that the longer the warranty, the better. It is the roofer’s ability to stand behind his work and his warranty that you should evaluate. You can ask about their workmanship warranty from their referrals. You can also ask the referral specific questions such as if the job was finished in a timely manner, if the business is trustworthy and if the roofer cares about the interests of the customer. Here are some of the things you must take notice if the roofing estimator is at your home:

  1. The estimator should arrive on time for the appointment. This will give you an idea if he is committed in finishing a roofing job on time or not.
  2. The roofer or estimator must be knowledgeable when it comes to the roofing project and the company. He must be able to answer any questions regarding the products that will be used for the roofing job.
  3. The estimator or roofer must also inspect the roof. He should go up there and check the  sidings, decking, fascia, gutters and downspouts, flashing and chimney and the landscaping near the job area. He should also check the attic so he can evaluate the roof from the inside of the house and check if there are some things that should be protected or removed.

The Difference between Estimate and Proposal Estimate
This is simply an offer that is for a fixed price that provides a generic description of the product, its color and has no options.


In some states, proposals can be treated as contract between the roofer and the customer. This is more detailed when compared to the estimate. This usually provides three options of products to the customer based ranging from good, better, best. There are also provisions that can be included in proposals such as financing options and change order conditions.


If the company asks you for a deposit before the roofing job is started, you have to take precaution since most payment options are due upon invoice or completion of the roofing job.

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