How To Choose The Right Insurance Claim Contractor in Atlanta

Choosing The right Contractor to assist you with your homes insurance claim. This can be very tough, with so many companies in the construction business in the greater Atlanta area. But, choosing the right one can mean all the difference in the outcome of your homes repairs. Providing the contractor with a copy of the adjuster report can help determine the amount of repair the insurance company has allowed. Sometimes an adjuster my not allow enough for a certain type of repair. The contractor may ask for a second inspection or supplemental check after the repairs are done on the owners behalf, keeping the owner from any additional out of pocket cost. That is why it maybe a good idea to provide the contractor a copy of the adjusters report, so that the repairs are done correctly and a close to original as possible.


The best way to determine the right contractor may be:

1. Is the Contractor State Licensed. Check  (

2. Does the Company Carry Work Comp. & General Liability Insurance

4. Is the company a member of the Better Business Bureau

5. Has the Company done this type work before


Red Flags when hiring a Contractor  may be:

1. Pushy sales rep. asking you to sign a contract

2. Asking for payment for materials or up front money

3. Not providing a copy of state licenses and insurance



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