What To Do After Tree, Roof, And Storm Damage to Your Atlanta Home

storm_damageStorm damage to your home, most  insurance companies would  ask you to minimize any other damage to structure .

This can be done by installing tarps, to prevent rain or other debris for entering. Most home owners do not know that any one can do insurance repair  work for them . Your contractor does not have to work for the insurance companies. But it would be a wise decision to hire a state licensed and insured contractor to preform work on your property. You wouldn’t want to file another claim, for a uninsured contractor that may get injured while working  on your property. Many contractors claim that they are licensed and insured, but only state licensed contractors are regulated and have to maintain insurance to obtain the license renewals. Making the right choice  when choosing a professional  contractor, will always determine the out come of your project.

Call Fleming & Associates at (770)456-1250,  If You suffered major home damage as a result of tree damage, storm damage, or Roof damage.

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